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Multiple EEG systems deployment

Parallel Recordings

High data quality

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Is it possible to have a positive impact on people with stress in an intensive six-day meditation retreat?

What epigenetic, psychological, neurological changes could we find?

Braincredible and ANT Neuro supported a study led by the Spanish researcher Gustavo Diex aimed at finding an answer to these questions.

Gustavo and his team at the Nirakara Lab organized the "Ritiro del Silencio", a six-day intense mindfulness training to help participants overcome their psychological problems.

The sessions took place  at El Escorial Monastery, a world-famous historical, political and religious center near Madrid. Part of the building is currently used as a college and was generously offered to host Gustavo’s retreat with almost 50 participants. 

EEG is an important tool in the understanding of the effects of meditation and mindfulness in the brain and, thanks to Braincredible's contribution, an extensive EEG data collection took place along the study:

Taking on the opportunity to rent multiple high-density EEG systems in a short amount of time at a lower price, allowed the researchers to select the best equipment for their purpose. A combination of the ego mylab 64 and the recently released waveguard nets, made it possible to record 150 datasets in only few hours, without compromising on data quality, ensured by ANT neuro and its team.

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