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Our team is composed by experts in neurotechnology that established their name innovating the field. 

From big corporate to research labs, we are able to provide consulting services that steer the development of closed-loop neurotechnology including brain-machine interfaces, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

We can complement existing engineering and reasearch teams or be contract developers: we just need you to formulate your vision, we will do the rest and give you the prototype of your dreams

A product is only as good as the data demonstrating it. 

Despite their potential, neurotechnologies are severely limited by the lack of high quality large datasets. This is due to the fact that EEG still requires important invest-ments in hardware and skilled personnel 

At braincredible, we can deploy tens of clinical-grade high-density EEG systems on a pay-per-use scheme, allowing the implementation of massed campaigns of EEG data collection.


Big EEG Deployments


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches in neurotech need one common ingredient: a good model of the brain in different states. 

Whether this is for a digital health solution, for a diagnostic or prognostic test, for a performance assesment or for relaxation, it all boils down to the same truth: you need to analyze high quality data, find the relevant features, and create a model that allows a machine to understand the current status of the brian in real time.

Gathering this know-how can take years, and this is why you can trust us with this task, while you concentrate on your core business.  

Brain Models


Modern neurotechnologies need to collect data from the human body, process them, and act based on a certain set of instructions.

Instead of building your own infrastructure for this data transfer, you can use our cybesecure framework to host brain models.

Use our API and save months of development time

Brain Hosting


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