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What exactly is it about racing drivers that makes them so fast? Is it an ability the average person simply does not possess, or can it be taught or even trained?

Together with our partners at Nissan Motorsport, we are analyzing the human brain for an answer. 

Some automotive researchers believe that being able to measure brain activity 

will be the next frontier of performance for race teams, as they seek to extract more performance from drivers by looking at exactly how their brain reacts to their inputs on track.

Together with Dr. Lucian Gheorghe, Senior Innovation Researcher at the Nissan Research Center, in Japan, and leader in the field of brain analysis, we are performing a series of studies on how electrical stimulation can enhance the brain’s ability to learn new skills and retain them.

By applying these learnings to Nissan’s technologies, Gheorge and his team believe
it is possible to improve driver performance, not only in the average road car user, but also professional race drivers too – like Nissan Formula E drivers Sebastien Buemi and Max Günther.

Brain 2 Performance

Is it possible to have a positive impact on people with stress during an intensive 6-day retreat? What epigenetic, psychological, neurological changes could we find?

Braincredible and ANT Neuro support a study led by the Spanish researcher Gustavo Diex. Gustavo and his team at the Nirakara Lab aimed at helping stressed-out participants in a six-day intense mindfulness training to overcome their problems. The session take place at El Escorial Monastery, a world-famous historical, political and religious center near Madrid. Part of the building is currently used as a college and generously offered their facility to host Gustavo’s retreat with ca. 50 participants. 

Here, an extensive EEG data collection will be performed along the study: EEG plays indeed an important role in understanding the impact of mindfulness training; all participants undergo high-density EEG before, during and after the retreat. Braincredible is making four systems available to accomplish up to 50 recordings per day.

Meditation effects on brain activity

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